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Expedite Your Opinion

An unprecedented volume of opinion applications is resulting in unavoidable extension of my desired turn-around time beyond the normal two business days. You can assist in getting your opinion completed more promptly by following these instructions.

  1. As soon as I review your application, I will advise by email of any deficiencies or additional documentation required. You do not need to call me.

  2. You must print the entire fax/email transmittal form and representation letter (do not include the instructions and payment pages). YOU MUST SIGN ON PAGE 2 ABOVE YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS. Fax or scan/email to me with your supporting documents. You can complete the data fields on your computer before printing or print and complete by hand. If you check box “A” in the letter, you do not need to include the 3 page attachment following the letter signature page.

  3. Submit only .pdf documents. I cannot accept .jpg image files because they are single pages requiring extra time to convert to .pdf and assembled in proper order.

  4. If you can combine your individual .pdf documents into a single .pdf file (using the combine or insert feature in your .pdf program or scanning all documents to a single .pdf file), please do so, in the following order:

    1. Fax/email transmittal form;

    2. Representation letter – signed – with 3-page attachment only if box “B” in the letter is checked;

    3. Face of stock certificate or account statement from the transfer agent for book entry/DRS registration showing the original issue date;

    4. If available, subscription agreement and/or payment medium (image of cancelled check or wire confirmation) – REQUIRED IF BOX “B” IS CHECKED;

    5. If a debt conversion or cashless option/warrant exercise, a copy of the note, option or warrant and the exercise notice – REQUIRED IF BOX “B” IS CHECKED;
  5. If you are unable to combine into a single .pdf file, please name each document so it is easily identifiable – perhaps beginning with the letter designation specified in item 4, above.

  6. If you want your broker copied on the opinion, please write on the fax/email transmittal form the brokerage firm name, your broker’s name and his/her email address.

  7. If your certificate or book entry/DRS statement does not indicate the shares are restricted, then the opinion is addressed to your brokerage firm and the information identified in item 6 is essential.

  8. Your documentation must be submitted by fax or by email attachment. I do not retrieve documents from websites.

Thank you for your cooperation.

— Jackson

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