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One opinion will cover as many shares/certificates of one stockholder as are eligible for an opinion. “One stockholder” may include husband and wife who separately own shares of the same company, under some circumstances. After filling in blanks, please print the whole Fax-Email Transmittal form and Representation Letter (do not include the instructions and payment instruction pages), sign on the last page of the Representation Letter in the space provided above your name and address (write your title after signature, if the “stockholder” is an investment vehicle instead of you personally, corporation, LLC or limited partnership), fax or scan to .pdf and email to me. I DO NOT ACCEPT MSWord or Xcel files, image files (.jpg, .tif, .png, etc.) or files requiring download from cloud-based services. Include a copy of the face of your stock certificate(s) or book entry statement setting forth your original issue date – if this original issue date is less than time you are required to own the shares for the opinion you will be requesting, then provide documentation, such as subscription or stock purchase agreement or proof of payment, that you or a predecessor holder(s) had a right to receive the shares before the required period began. If you need a 4(a)(1) opinion and the shares are owned by an investment vehicle, corporation, LLC or limited partnership and not you personally, you will also need to complete, print and sign the last page of that application – “Supplemental”. If you provide the name of your brokerage firm, name of your broker and his/her email address, I will copy my opinion to him/her. Please note that your broker may require additional documentation to establish your holding period. I am running approximately ten business days to produce opinions, and occasionally a few days more. PLEASE DO NOT TELEPHONE ABOUT THE STATUS OF YOUR OPINION – email if you must. I will notify you if I am missing any documentation or explanation needed for your opinion. Your opinion will be emailed to the transfer agent with a copy [cc:] to you and, if information is provided, to your broker. Thanks, Jackson

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