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REFUND POLICY will refund an opinion fee when it is advised that the issuing company will only accept the opinion of its own counsel.

In the event the opinion is rejected for this reason, we ask that you, the issuing company’s transfer agent or, your broker notify us and identify the reason for the rejection. will contact the issuing company in an effort to gain acceptance of the opinion. If, after reasonable effort, is unsuccessful in obtaining the issuing company’s acceptance of Mr. Morris’ opinion, then will refund your opinion fee in full, without interest or deduction, either by credit against your medium of payment or by bank check mailed to your address.

In the event the issuing company rejects’s opinion either arbitrarily without a sound legal basis, as determined by, with an explanation to you or because the issuing company disputes the facts you have provided as a basis for the opinion, will not provide a refund of your opinion fee. assumes that its opinion will be accepted and will withdraw the amount of your opinion fee (net of payment medium processing charges) from its trust account not less than three business days after it has delivered its opinion to the issuing company’s transfer agent or your broker by email.

If you decide to cancel your opinion order during your form set selection session, you will be presented with an e-mail form for this purpose. You must send this email to in order to initiate the refund process, even if you do not explain the reason for your cancellation. If you have not received your refund within two weeks, it is likely that your email was not received. In that case, please return to, select Contact, then, select Client Services to send a new email or simply forward your original cancellation email. If you decide to cancel your opinion order after downloading a form set, please follow the instructions in the preceding sentence to contact Client Services. If you initiate a new email in either case, replace the subject line with “Order Cancellation” followed by your Opinion Payment Confirmation Number. Always include your Opinion Payment Confirmation Number in all communication with

Special Policy For Refunds Related To Shell Company and Rule 504 Resale Opinion Requests.

Because substantial investigation is required before can determine whether or not issuing an opinion for stock issued by current or former shell companies and in sales in reliance on Rule 504 is appropriate, no refund will be made when determines that an opinion cannot be issued. Holders of securities issued by the issuing company in reliance on Rule 504 without a restrictive legend should be aware that substantial abuses of the federal and state securities laws have occurred and are continuing to occur, notwithstanding the reliance by issuing companies on opinions of counsel. An explanation of the reason(s) determines it cannot give an opinion will be provided.


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