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THE proven source for fast Rule 144 opinions, and other securities opinions, too!


RULE144Solution.com has been updated for the changes to Rule 144 effective February 15, 2008.

The singular purpose of RULE144Solution.com is providing tradability opinions for restricted securities and securities held by affiliates of issuing companies - typically, common stock. This includes opinions for public sales as well as private transactions, such as gifts, pledges and transfers to trusts. We also provide opinions for the resale of Rule 504 and Reg. S stock.

And, directors, officers and other "affiliates" (owners of 10% or more) of an issuing company always need a Rule 144 opinion before selling any stock of the issuing company, even stock they have purchased in the open market.

The holding periods for use of Rule 144 have been reduced to six months and one year for the stock of most issuing companies. Although Rule Rule 144(k) has been eliminated by that name, an equivalent provision is in the new rule.

But, Rule 144(i) prohibits use of the rule to sell stock in "shell companies" or companies that have ever been shell companies until after they have been reporting real business operations (other than being a shell company) to the SEC for twelve months. Under certain circumstances, we may give a non-Rule 144 opinion for the sale of common stock of a former shell company that is not filing reports with the SEC.

You have probably been directed to this web site by your stock broker, the issuing company or the company's transfer agent because you need an opinion regarding tradability or transfer of your restricted stock.

Our "Opinion Services" page presents a thorough explanation of what you will need to do to order your Rule 144 Opinion and what we do to deliver your Rule 144 Opinion, generally within 24 to 48 hours (2 business days) after we receive your completed and signed forms.

If you need a Rule 144 Opinion to cover a security that is not common stock or you need an opinion to cover the resale of common stock or other securities issued in reliance on Rule 504 or Regulation S, we can also be of service to you.

Please click here to go to our "opinion services." page. It is our pleasure to be of service to you.


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